Sato Haguri

葉栗 里

Sato Haguri

Sato Haguri

葉栗 里


Born and raised in Aichi, Japan.
I mainly make sculptures of humans and other creatures.
While studying in Aichi Prefectural Art University, I have made wood carvings because I was attracted to the warmth of wood and the process of carving.
I had some solo exhibitions and art fairs, and I got some prizes from art competitions in Japan.
I am interested in the beauty of nature, so I create images of humans and other creatures that would express their correlations.
In large scale works, I often put together pieces of wood like building blocks.
The way it is made usually gives an impression that it seems lighter than it really is.
I enjoy it the most when I feel that my works come to life.


2019 「Retrospect. Repose. Redefine.」dia.lo.gue art space ジャカルタ/インドネシア

   個展「Exhibition by Haguri Sato」 Albergue SCM マカオ

2018 UNKNOWN ASIA Art Exchange Osaka シーズンラオ審査員賞、イグナティウス・ヘルマワン・タンジル審査員賞、吉田達司レビュアー賞 受賞

   六甲ミーツアート 入選 兵庫/日本

   個展「しんこきゅう」JILL D’ART gallery 愛知/ 日本

2017 個展「ここにゆる」NANATASU gallery 東京/ 日本

2016 個展「view」JILL D’ ART gallery 愛知/ 日本

   個展「まにまに」NANATASU gallery 東京/ 日本

   トーキョーワンダーウォール2016 立体映像部門 入選

2015 TOKYO DESIGN WEEK 2015 ASIA AWARDS アート部門 セミグランプリ 受賞

   横浜アートコンペティション 桑久保徹審査員賞 受賞

2014 GEISAI#20 チームラボ猪子寿之審査員賞 受賞

   個展「GEISAI♯20 猪子寿之審査員賞受賞者展」Hidari Zingaro 東京/日本

   第9回 TAGBOAT AWARD 小山登美夫審査員賞 受賞

   個展「ゆめのなかでなく」gallery+cafe blanka 愛知/日本

2013 個展「Fresh 2014 葉栗里展 -ここはたしか このあいだも きたとこだ-」伊勢現代美術館 三重/日本

       個展「葉栗里個展-かすかなもくずたち-」LAD gallery 愛知/日本

   愛知県立芸術大学大学院 美術研究科 彫刻領域 修了

2012 個展「葉栗里展」CBCスタジオギャラリー 愛知/日本

   個展「Fresh2012葉栗里展」伊勢現代美術館 三重/日本

   愛知県立芸術大学 学生優秀賞 受賞

2011 第6回 翔け!二十歳の記憶展 グランプリ 受賞

   愛知県立芸術大学 美術学部 美術学科 彫刻専攻 卒業

   愛知県立芸術大学 桑原賞 受賞

2019 Retrospect. Repose. Redefine. dia.lo.gue art space,Jakarta,Indonesia

   Exhibition by Haguri Sato,Albergue SCM,Macau

2018 Prize at UNKNOWN ASIA Art Exchange Osaka from Season Lao,Ignatius Hermawan Tanzil,Yoshida Tatsuji

   Selected at Rokko Meets Art,Hyogo,Japan

   Solo exhibition “deep breathing” JILL D’ ART gallery,Aichi,Japan

2017 Solo exhibition “ko-ko-ni-yu-ru” NANATASU gallery,Tokyo,Japan

2016 Solo exhibition “view” JILL D’ ART gallery,Aichi,Japan

   Solo exhibition “ma-ni-ma-ni” NANATASU gallery,Tokyo,Japan

   Selected at 3D vision section in TOKYO WONDER WALL 2015 Semi Grand Prize at TOKYO DESIGN WEEK 2015 ASIA AWARDS

   Prize at Yokohama Art Competition from Kuwakubo Toru

2014 Prize at GEISAI#20 from Inoko Toshiyuki

   Solo exhibition “Prize at GEISAI#20 from Inoko Toshiyuki exhibition” Hidari Zingaro,Tokyo,Japan

   Prize at 9th TAGBOAT AWARD from Koyama Tomio

   Solo exhibition “I’m not in the dream.” gallery+cafe blanka,Aichi,Japan

2013 Solo exhibition “Fresh 2014 -Probably I have been here-” Ise Contemporary Art Museum,Mie,Japan

   Solo exhibition “Haguri Sato Exhibition -a little things-” LAD gallery,Aichi,Japan

   M.A. in Sculpture, Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music

2012 Solo exhibition “Haguri Sato Exhibition” CBC studio gallery,Aichi,Japan

   Solo exhibition “Fresh 2012 Haguri Sato Exhibition” Ise Contemporary Art Museum,Mie,Japan

   Excellent Student Prize from Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music 2011 Grand Prize at 6th Twenties Exhibition

   B.A. in Sculpture, Faculty of Fine Arts, Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music

   The Top Student Prize from Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music